Rock Creek Farm Wedding

Ericka & Garrett
“Good morning my love”

Maryland Wedding

A well timed wedding ceremony in Maryland, and a classic barn reception in Pennsylvania.  Garrett in Ericka celebrated their summer wedding across state lines.  The couple got ready and took pictures at the historic civil war house.  It was originally dates to 1740 and was used as a field hospital during the battle of Gettysburg in July 1863.  The 87 acre Rock Creek Farm also features a large pond with a dock, and a 19th century barn where the reception was held.  Their first look was in front of the stone farm house and they exchanged gifts and took pictures with the bridal party.  The farm is on Taneytown Road, not far from the battlefield national park and town of Gettysburg. 

“Today is the day”

Mason Dixon Wedding

The couple also wrote and recorded cards for each other which added a nice personalized aspect the the wedding video highlight.  They also wrote their own vows, which is also a great addition of sound to work with in a wedding video.  The wedding party drove over to their hometown of Emmittsburg across the Mason Dixon line in Maryland.  Their wedding ceremony was held in the Elias Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The congregation dates to 1757 and the building was built in 1797.  The church is a beautiful stone building with stained glass windows.  They had a live piano player for the ceremony.  Soon after the ceremony a rain storm came through while everyone was inside, and by the time the ceremony was over it had mostly moved on. 

“You’re my best friend”

Gettysburg Reception

When the bridal party and guests arrived at Rock Creek Farm the weather had cleared up and the air was cooler.  The barn reception featured barbecue from a food truck caterer and included speeches, dances, a photo-booth, and the shoe game.  The shoe game is played with the couple back to back and they hold a shoe from each of them in their hands and lift it to answer questions about themselves.  They can’t see each other so the results were hilarious.  Guests relaxed outside and played yard games and corn hole and walked around the large pond as the sun was setting.  The couple had a country theme which fit perfectly with the barn and property. 

“I stand here ready to take you as my wife, best friend, and lifelong partner”

“I truly love you now more than ever”

Country Barn Reception

After the sun set the party really got started with dancing.  Their friends and family definitely knew how to have fun.  It was a fun wedding to film, I didn’t know much about the couple going into it but I thought they had a really cool story.  They have been through a lot together over the years and this was a celebration of their relationship.  Another really special aspect was the brides relationship with her mother.  The Mother of the Bride gave a a very moving speech during the reception.

“I think you are the most amazing person in this world”

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