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Wedding Videography Ideas

Wedding Films have taken on a cinematic style which has great results, but I was thinking over some possibilities of styles inspired by television and films. These ideas are insane but there is a part of me that wants to try it out sometime anyways. Reality TV and and films influence everything now so it may not be such a huge stretch anyways.

“We vow to love each other, even when we hate each other. No running, ever. Nobody walks out, no matter what happens. We’ll take care of each other even when we’re old and smelly and senile. This is forever.”

The Bachelor and the Bachelorette are the ultimate for influencing wedding style because of the romantic content and heavy emotions. This would require lots of signature interviews with sappy warm lighting, bonus points for dozens of candles and Pier 1 decor. The bride and groom and anyone else involved would have to talk at length about nothing in particular, going on and on about “falling in love” “in love” and being “vulnerable.” The couple has to constantly question if the other person is “here for the right reasons!” A glass of Napa Valley charrdonay should be in their hands at all times, probably having drunk just enough to be on the edge of crying and hugging each other at all times.

“Today’s the day my life begins. All my life I’ve been just me, just a smart-mouthed kid. Today I become a man. Today I become a husband. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself. Today I become accountable to you, to our future, to all the possibilities that our marriage has to offer. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready for anything, for everything . . . to take on life, to take on love, to take on possibility and responsibility. Today, our life together begins, and I, for one, can’t wait.”

The videographer would stand off at a distance to get the whispered, wide-eyed drama at a slight distance but still obviously there. The camera would zoom in really, obnoxiously close to get those intense reaction shots. Each participant should be sweating under the intense heat of soap opera lighting so that their skin is glistening with sweat like a glazed ham. You could throw in some jokes about being on a group date, one on one or fantasy suites. At some point we would have to do an extended rose ceremony with long stretchs of close ups with the most intense music possible. Long conversations about emotion or feelings are necessary to add some filler. It helps to have dramatic friends and family to have some added zest.

“In my time working for the state government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I lived in villages with eight people, rural farming communities, college towns. I was sent to every corner of Indiana. And then I came here, and I realized that this whole time I was just wandering around everywhere, just looking for you.”

“The things that you have done for me, to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy, go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.”

“I love you and I like you.”

A step up in difficulty would be a wedding video based around The Office or Parks and Recreation. This would require at least one person capable of filling Michael Scott’s shoes, and pull off making loud insane annoucements out of the blue. You could go in a couple of different directions, trying for a syrupy sweet Jim and Pam style with lots of knowing looks and sweetness. You could go for a really stern, intense, slightly crazy Dwight and Angela style, or Leslie and Ben for intense neediness, or twisted April and Andy.

“You. You’re everything. I love you, and I’m not going to stop loving you. I can’t live without you. I don’t want to live without you, and I’m going to do everything in my power to prove it.”

“Did you say it? ‘I love you. I don’t ever want to live without you. You changed my life.’ Did you say it? Make a plan? Set a goal? Work toward it? But every now and then, drink it in. Cause this is it.”

This style would have the classic interview shots and fast. zooms and pull outs and capturing the natural interactions and candid moments. The couple would have to be brave enough and have the personality to be loud and out there. Having some outgoing friends and family with drama and a good sense of dry humor will help this play out perfectly. If you have some awkward or especially selfish people it could have a great Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm vibe, and capture all the natural fall out from outrageous encountours. Reaction shots and reaction music will be at play, and a natural uncut feel. Two cameras could be helpful to record the studio style.
Inception style, surreal psychedlic themed wedding video. The centerpiece for this would be lots of rotating gimbal shots to make it look the world is spinning, in addition to filters and effects like fractals and kaleidescopes. The tone would have to be spare and beautiful, with a burning intensity and orchestral cinematic music. Words and text would not be as necessary, the visuals could tell the story of overwhelming emotion.

“I guess I kind of hate most things, but I never really seem to hate you. So I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Is that cool?”

“April, you are the most awesome person I have ever known in my entire life. I vow to protect you from danger. And I don’t care if I have to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, or him, or your mom. I would take them down. I’m getting mad right now even telling you! I wanna spend the rest of my life, every minute, with you, and I am the luckiest man in the galaxy.”

One shot wedding video, would capture many moments that aren’t shown, like the bride waiting to walk down the aisle as all the action is towards the front at the alter. Movies like Birdman and 1917 captured the main action but also showed the inbetween times. It could easily focus on a main character or two, which works very well for a wedding film. Long stabalized gimbal shots focusing on the couple especially during the ceremony and reception. It has a high potential to work out really well. This would get so many more candid and touching moments between family and friends. 

“When I look back at everything that we’ve been through together, it seems like the gods had to be smiling on us. I think about how lucky I was to take the receptionist position. I wonder what life would have been like if you had never come to Dunder Mifflin. I guess you could say that the office ties us together. Jim, from the very second I met you, I thought you might be something special, and when you smiled at me, I knew that I was right. I love you more than anything in the world, and I can’t think of a better way to spend the rest of my life than with you. You mean everything to me. Thank you for being there during the good times, and the bad. Thank you for showing me so many new ways to live. Thank you for giving me all that you’ve given me. I love you.”

“Pamela Morgan Beesly, do you take James Halpert to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”

“Absolutely, I do.”

“There was never any doubt in my mind about what I wanted to be. It was to be with you. I was never unsure about who I wanted to spend my life with. It was you. Not for a second was I hesitant in thinking about what I wanted to do about our relationship. It was to marry you. The good and the bad, I’ll take it all just to stand by you everyday and love you, and hope that you love me just as much. That’s all that’s important. That’s all I’ll ever need.”

“James Halpert, do you take Pamela Morgan Beesly to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” 

“Absolutely, I do.” 

Marvel or Star Wars, would require long steady shots on a stabalized gimbal to mimic the action sequences. Cinematic orchestral music would be perfect, or more rock or pop music could fill in as has been used in Marvel films recently. It would balance between moments of inimimate emotion and long wide angle moving sequences. It would also help to have a few light hearted moments or jokes to offset the intensity. A climactic moment will help create the perfect situation to base the whole thing around.

“I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but you were. I wasn’t sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were. You were always strong and always sure. And now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That’s what I’m sure of.”

“Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world, and I never understood anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you. That’s all I’ve ever known, and that’s enough, that’s enough for me, for the rest of my life.”

Classy Party with a beautiful venue and fancy drinks=Mad Men Extremely goofy and outgoing Groom=Even Stevens or Cuckoo Extremely goofy and outgoing Bride=New Girl or Fleabag Eccentric family and friends=Arrested Development or Wes Anderson 

“I could promise to hold you and to cherish you. I could promise to be in sickness and in health. I could say, ’till death do us part.’ But I won’t. Those vows are for optimistic couples, the ones full of hope. And I do not stand here, on my wedding day, optimistic or full of hope. I am not optimistic; I am not hopeful. I am sure; I am steady. And I know that I am a heart man. So of this I am sure: you are my partner, my lover, my very best friend, my heart. My heart beats for you. And on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this: I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands; I promise you me.”

“I can be a better man. I can be a better man for you. I hope, you know, if you’ll let me. I can be a better man with you.”

“I’m with you. I’m with you because I want to be — I’m with you because I love you.”

“Maybe I do believe it, all this ‘meant to be’ stuff. Why not believe it, really? Who doesn’t want more romance in their life? Maybe it’s just up to us to make it happen. To show up and be meant for each other.”

“I love you. I’ve always been in love with you. We’re gonna have the best life, you and me. We’re gonna be so happy. We’re supposed to end up together. We’re meant to be. I love you.”

“I love you, in a really really big, pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you.”

If your group of friends know how to have fun, and are loud, outgoing, and slightly unhinged It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
If your family and friends are delightfully weird and bound to go nuts 30 Rock or What We Do in the Shadows.
If your family and friends are quiet, friendly and super weird Twin Peaks or X Files style would be ideal.

“I love you. I always have. I love everything about you. Even the things I don’t like, I love. And I want you with me. I love you.”

“If there’s a crisis, you don’t freeze, you move forward. You get the rest of us to move forward because you’ve seen worse, you’ve survived worse, and you know we’ll survive too. You say you’re all dark and twisty. That’s not a flaw; that’s a strength. It makes you who you are. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

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