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Quickbooks Self Employed Review

Through my work as an independant freelance videographer and wedding videographer I’ve gone through so many tools and looked at so many software as a service type tools and applications. I wanted to write about two that have been helpful for where I am right now. They may not be the best or do everything but for my situation they have worked out very well. 

I’ve mulled over so many client relationship management tools CRMs and tested many of them through free trials. I appreciate that they are very powerful but I’ve noticed for my clients working through a client portal may not be the most efficient, or even preferrable. I’ve found that for myself, and for most people communicating through email is by far the favorite means of communication. Some will communicate through facebook or through text. CRMs are very complicated to set up, and for a high volume business, the automation they afford can be very helpful, but for a small business, communicating through email seems to be more direct and helpful. I use Trello, a kanban board to arrange everything in a sensible layout to keep everything organized. For email I have some templates I use for common questions or inquiries but for everything else I actually write to my clients and I think it helps build a better relationship. A huge issue with doing things this way though is that you have be vigilant and respond quickly, it can be easy to be slow with emails.

For billing, invoicing, tracking expenses and travel for tax purposes and all other accouonting I use Quickbooks Self Employed. I’ve found that a solid invoicing service is useful, and the expense tracking aspects are extremely beneficial. The reports are useful and the automatic tax advice is helpful. I like having a basic, straight forward invoicing tool, that includes helpful finance tools.

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Dreamhost Review

Through the wonder of WordPress, I’m able to effeciently do so much necessary work  directly through my website. When I first got into WordPress, I messed around with complicated themes and plugins, but I discovered the best usage for it is to be as simple as possible. The simplicity will help make sure it doesn’t get bogged down or fail from over complexity. Through WordPress I’m able to create forms and format a website in a way that makes sense for my needs.

The host I use is called Dreampress, it seems like a straight forward service, I haven’t had any issues with them, and if my site was down they were able to get it fixed fairly quickly. What I like about them is that the cost to run the website is less than $3 a month on their shared starter plan. This is a great value because with wordpress, for no extra cost you can work out how to add so many different features to your website. It includes WordPress preinstalled adn a free domain. Dreamhost has other features but just having a low cost place for your WordPress page is what matters. WordPress can seem complicated but the new updates include Gutenberg which is a page builder which makes creating new posts very helpful. WordPress is an easy way to add new ongoing content.

For wordpress I recommend using Jetpack and the forms in Jetpack and WordPress. I think for working with wordpress and webpages it works best to keep things as simple as possible and not too complicated without a deeper understanding of how everything works. 

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