Pennsylvania Weddings in 2021


  • Downsizing a Wedding
  • Smaller Weddings
  • Wedding Videography Pricing
  • Wedding Venues
  • Rural Farm & Barn Venues
  • Guests Wearing Masks
  • Finding the Right Place
  • Outdoor Wedding Receptions
  • Coronavirus Changes
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Alternate Wedding Dates
  • Wedding Vendors Wearing Masks
  • Importance of Wedding Video
  • Wedding Video Streaming

Wedding ceremonies and receptions during COVID 19 Coronavirus.

Weddings are an integral part of our society and culture, but the pandemic has disrupted everything surrounding weddings and all events in general. It is one of the few times extended families and close friends from every stage of life come together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company, preferably in person.

Things have changed so much, but with the right accommodations, weddings can still be held relatively safely. I’ve worked at several weddings during the pandemic, and I’ve done some research about how things in the industry are going, but I’m no expert or doctor so be careful as you plan your wedding.

Downsizing a Wedding

The first thing I’ve noticed about weddings is that many couples are downsizing drastically the number of guests at their wedding. Micro Weddings are much more common now, with guest lists under fifty.

It can be extremely difficult to cut down on the number of guests at your wedding but doing so can make it safer for everyone and open up many potential venues, including private homes, back yards, smaller restaurants, and small event spaces.

Smaller Weddings

In my experience, a smaller wedding can still be just as special, as there is a more intimate feel about the whole thing. Everything is also calmer, and more casual, with less rushing and less organization required. Cutting down a guest list is difficult and painful, but when it comes to the day of it is possible to still have a wonderful ceremony and reception.

Wedding Videography Pricing

Small Weddings also have the benefit of being shorter overall with more downtime during the day. I’ve had many inquiries about shorter weddings so I’ve restricted my pricing to give the most value for a shorter wedding. During a smaller wedding, I can get excellent coverage and produce something cinematic with less time and less running around. This also reduces exposure for guests overall.

Wedding Venues

Weddings in Pennsylvania are fortunate to have many great options when it comes to outdoor or well-ventilated wedding venues. The weddings I’ve seen lately were either outdoor entirely or at least had excellent ventilation with many large doors and windows open.

Rural Farm & Barn Venues

In Pennsylvania and rural Maryland, there are plenty of barn or farm estates that can still host relatively large groups of people with outdoor spaces and barn receptions with large doors open.

Guests Wearing Masks

Wedding Mask

I’ve noticed that most guests are more than happy to wear a mask for safety’s sake, but as the night wears on, after eating, drinking, and dancing, the masks start coming off, so a well-ventilated reception is very important.

Finding the Right Place

Most venues in the central Pennsylvania wedding have excellent outdoor spaces to take advantage of the outdoors, as the wedding season in Pennsylvania usually runs from late spring through late fall, with most weddings happening in the summer.

Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Even before the coronavirus covid 19 pandemics, guests loved being able to relax outside and mingle on porches, decks, yards, and gardens. Having your wedding guests spend most of the ceremony and reception outside is going to be fine and normal. In normal circumstances during the cocktail hour or during dancing many guests would still wind up outside enjoying the fresh air and sunset.

Stone Ridge Hollow Wedding

Coronavirus Changes

Until things return to some level of normalcy, when couples book me as a videographer I’m not taking a deposit or downpayment and waiting until closer until the actual wedding date. I’ve done my best to accommodate schedules and situations changing. I initially had many couples cancel and then reschedule, sometimes multiple times.

Schedule Flexibility

At one time canceling or changing the date for a wedding was nearly unthinkable, but now it is just the way it is. Making deposits and setting hard dates is just not the way things are working now. If you book me as a wedding videographer in Pennsylvania or Maryland and need to change your date or are thinking about alternate dates just send me an email and I will do my best to accommodate it. There is always a possibility I may not be available on your alternate date but maybe we can make something work.

Alternate Wedding Dates

Another new development I’ve noticed in Pennsylvania weddings is that many couples are now considering having Friday weddings or Sunday weddings.

This is great because it makes scheduling much more flexible and easy. There is less likely to be overlap or conflicts compared to when nearly every wedding was on a Saturday. There are hardly any downsides to having a wedding on a Friday or Sunday, everything is already so disrupted by the pandemic, why not? They feel the same.

Wedding Vendors Wearing Masks

As a wedding videographer and vendor at weddings and events, I will always wear a mask

. I’ve found that even the longest day with a mask on is fine. After an hour I don’t even notice it. I usually carry three masks that I switch between, a buff-type mask, a cloth mask with a wire in the nose, and a disposable mask. On a long day of shooting switching masks keeps things comfortable. I wear glasses that immediately fog up with most masks in most situations but with the camera viewfinder, I have to keep my glasses off most of the day anyway to get a good look.

I haven’t run into any trouble with mask-wearing yet, if the weather is too hot or humid I may step away to take a mask break but it hasn’t been an issue yet and I just switch masks depending on the situation.

Importance of Wedding Video

Having a wedding videographer is extra important in 2021-2022. With many guests not able to travel long distances and family missing out sometimes, having a well-produced video to share online will be extra special. I’ve started posting unlisted links for couples to be able to share the full film.

Before the pandemic, most couples had no need for this unless they had friends or family overseas that weren’t able to make it. Now there is a huge need for a full film that can be shared so the important people in your life can experience your wedding day. If this is something you are interested in just let me know and I will upload it as soon as possible for sharing.

Wedding Video Streaming

Pennsylvania and Maryland weddings are now almost universally featuring a live streaming video of some kind or another.

Nearly everyone is at least setting up a tripod with a cell phone streaming the ceremony and reception through Facebook. I’m able to have a high-quality stream, but this depends on the internet connection on site.

Live streaming video requires a reliable internet connection which can vary wildly from location to location so it’s impossible to guarantee that a stream will work for the time required. There is also a cell connection for streaming, but again, it varies by location and on the situation.

Video streaming a wedding, so long as it works, is a great way to share the day with those family and guests who are not able to make it.

Weddings are Worth It

It is still worth it to have a wedding in 2021-2022. Planning a wedding and making it happen is going to be challenging but the joy and love of celebrating are still there. It is actually more important and meaningful than ever after a full year of being isolated and separated from friends and loved ones. Couples can still pull it off and have a safe and fun ceremony and reception.

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