11 Locations for Private Proposals in Lancaster County

Great Locations For Photoshoots in Lancaster County

The main stage at Groundhogs Day in Punxsutawney, in front of the Milton Hershey fountain at Hershey, during a Phillies or Pirates game. Public proposals are perfectly suited to extroverted, outgoing couples who are for sure going to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to get on stage or soak up some public attention and praise. For other more introverted, private couples they are more interested in a more secluded, intimate setting, where they can focus on each other.

Pinnacle Overlook

These locations may require hiking or walking a fair distance, but the quiet and solitude are worth it. Lancaster County has a reputation for being a rural paradise but it can be surprisingly difficult to get away from other people. 

1 Indian Rock in Lancaster County Central Park

Indian Rock is a scenic overlook that is easily accessible from Lancaster City. Located in Lancaster County Central Park, it is only accessible by hiking on the trail. It is usually quiet and secluded, as alone as you can be while still being near to Lancaster City. 

Trail Going up to Indian Rock

2 Turkey Hill Trail Overlook

There are two trails here, the bicycle path is extremely popular and busy. The overlook trail is a tough uphill hike but it is very quiet and peaceful, with a beautiful view of the Susquehanna river.

3 Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve

The Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve is a beautiful spot that requires some gentle hiking. The road to reach it is pretty rough. There are trails going off in several directions, in spring or summer there really are wildflowers covering the forest floor. There is also a really nice creek flowing through.

Lancaster County

4 Manor Township Nature Preserve

This is a very secluded and quiet area, you’ll have to walk down a paved road that is blocked off at the parking area. At the end around the electrical equipment is a great overlook of the Susquehanna River and railroad bridge.

5 The Pinnacle Overlook

The Pinnacle Overlook is a popular and beautiful view of the Susquehanna and a great picnic spot. If the main overlook is crowded there are trails in both directions with great views.

6 Holtwood Dam Lock 12

The dam has overlooks and spots all over, on both sides of the river. Lock 12 and the public parking near the fishing pier at the dam are good places to start. There are other locations, and spots along the Conestoga and Susquehanna Rivers. If you are adventurous you can walk along the rocky shore or over to Peavine Island.

Photoshoot Location

7 Middle Creek Nature Preserve

Middle Creek is only very popular around March when the migrating geese attract large crowds. It is peaceful and quiet, as isolated as you can be in Lancaster County. If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you can drive down the long dirt roads and find some secluded spots. There are several trails and fishing and boating spots with nice views.

8 Speedwell Forge

This area is not too far from Middle Creek in Northern Lancaster County. It is quiet and beautiful, usually there is only a handful of kayakers and people fishing or picnicking. The wolf sanctuary is nearby so don’t get nervous if you hear the howling echoing across the lake. There are several different spots to park and trails to walk on, from the dam at one end, to the marshy creek area at the other.

Wood Trail

9 NW Lancaster County River Trail

The trail runs along the Susquehanna River from Columbia to Marietta, and then up to Bainbridge and almost up to Falmouth. The stretch around Bainbridge is the quietest and most private. The trail is busier between Marietta and Columbia. It can be really nice a day with great weather.

10 Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve

This location requires some solid hiking to get to the overlook, but it is beautiful and quiet. It is in the eastern part of Lancaster County, around East Earl Township.

11 House Rock

The House Rock overlook and preserve was just recently upgraded with better parking, it is still a hike but it is very peaceful and beautiful.

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