9 Covered Bridge Locations for Photoshoots

Covered bridges are Lancaster County. These bridges are some of the better ones for photo shoots, except maybe the number 9.

1 Erb’s Mill Covered Bridge in Warwick Township

Check out Hoover’s Farm Market and Greenhouse just past the bridge, and look out for Amish school children in the area. It is a popular fishing spot during trout season, otherwise it is a quiet and peaceful location.

2 Mill Creek Covered Bridge or Kurtz’s Mill Covered Bridge

The traffic is steady but slow here with plenty of parking. It is in the woods with trails all around so there are many potential angles.

3 Poole Forge Covered Bridge

This is located at historic Poole Forge estate. There are castle-like ruins of the forge and a great park. It is very quiet and peaceful, sometimes kids or picnickers are nearby.

4 Hunsecker’s Mill Bridge Covered Bridge

This bridge was destroyed and rebuilt. It is a great spot with farm fields surrounding one side. There is barely any traffic and what does come through is very slow. There have been bald eagles in the area.

5 Shearer’s Mill Covered Bridge

This bridge is for walking traffic only and is busy on school days as it connects the Manheim Central High School and Manheim Central Middle School. It is great to visit during the Manheim Farm Show in the fall. It is easy to park and walk up to.

6 Kauffman’s Distillery Covered Bridge

This bridge is off of a busy road between Manheim and Mount Joy and is in steady use, be careful as it often catches drivers unaware of the height limit.

7 Forry’s Mill Covered Bridge. and Siegrist’s Mill Covered Bridge

These two bridges are on quiet but steady roads in Mount Joy, they are very close to each other, and surrounded by beautiful rolling farmland.

8 Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge

This Ephrata Township covered bridge is very quiet and has very little traffic, it is surrounded by fields with curious farm animals. Also check out nearby Zook’s Mill Covered Bridge, which is also an easy park but is busier.

9 Landis Mill Covered Bridge

This bridge in East Hempfield Township is interesting for how out of place it is, it is right next to Park City Mall and behind Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

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