Easy Web Marketing Video

Social Media Marketing Video in Lancaster, PA

Getting video for online marketing or social media doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or take a long time. It can be quick and easy, with the right person you don’t even need to write it out or plan it out far in advance. A day or half day of shooting can produce enough content for a dozen videos or more.

One key is to not overthink or over produce it. After years of working in televised live events and local news I learned how to produce content quickly and efficiently.

A great approach to creating easy web marketing video is to have an interview like setup, with one person talking through and communicating whatever you want. This doesn’t have to be perfectly scripted if that person is comfortable with just chatting, their dialogue can be edited down later into a smooth and coherent package.

Shooting with an extra camera as a cutaway helps and these two shots and the sound form the main section of the video. On top of this any relevant b-roll and cutaways or product shots are laid down to liven it up. If there is enough to cover the person doing the talking doesn’t even have to be on, the social media video can use just an audio recording. Background music and sound effects can fill in

The great thing about creating video for a web presence or social media platform like Facebook, instagram or twitter is that there is not necessarily a set format or standard. It can be as short or long, simple or complicated as your needs dictate.

It is a simple process to set up a shoot for a social media marketing video. It can be done in only a few hours and chopped up into numerous pieces of content. With good audio and music it will be an interesting and engaging for your audience.

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