Photoshoot Locations in Lancaster City

1 Penn Square

A great and busy urban location with so many possibilities and angles. It looks great day or night. It can get busy, especially on market days, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. It, best to shoot from the market side, the northwest corner and get either the market or the hotel. The water fountain is often overlooked and forgotten about but can be interesting in the right light.

2 Central Market and Surrounding Pedestrian Streets

The market is a great location for photography, there is an elevator and staircase in the south east corner that is gives an elevated view. The alley surrounding it on all sides is also great. On market days there are trucks on the eastern side. Any time of day or night is great, you may be able to get it all to yourself, or it can be busy and full of life and energy. It is great for classic urban looks, the neighborhood has an almost European feel to it.

3 Franklin & Marshall University

The university campus and streets and sidewalks surrounding it are great for scenic photoshoots, lots of walking paths, majestic buildings and works of art. Lots of interesting seating as well.

4 Buchanan Park

Buchanan Park has a large open field and rose garden, and some large old growth oak and maple trees.

5 West Chestnut Street North Mulberry Street North Concord Street

This neighborhood has lots of charming buildings from the 19th century. The large trees and brick sidewalks are great in all seasons, but especially in fall.

6 Northwest Corridor Linear Park

This trail and park has some underpasses if you are looking for a gritty urban look. Other than being under two road bridges it is actually a really nice park and playground in the middle of the city.

7 Musser Park

Musser Park has fields, large trees, the Lancaster Museum of Art. It is a great location, especially in fall.

8 Train Station

The train station on the north side of town is a great and interesting place to take pictures, there is the platform and the bridge and main station from the 1920s. You can also quickly get to Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and New York City.

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