About Elm AV

Lancaster Wedding Videographer
Lancaster Wedding Videographer

Elm AV is Chris Blose.  I’ve been happily married for ten years and loving living in Lancaster. My approach when working on wedding films is to focus on getting the best possible coverage of the ceremony and reception and working out from there.  Every couple has their own unique story, I want to capture their wedding day in a way that represents their own style.

I like knowing that the couple will have it all saved and will be able to see and listen to everything that happened.  In my experience couples enjoy having the full film to hang on to, but the highlight gets watched and shared many times.  I do my best to be discrete on the wedding day. I work with the couple to cover the wedding in a way that fits them. Every wedding is different and I love seeing how it represents the couple and brings their family and friends together to celebrate.

With ten years of experience working in television and with video production companies, I like having quick turn around times when possible.  Wedding videos are great! They are incredible to work on, and it’s wonderful being able to share something so special. If you choose to book with me, I’ll send a package selection form, questionnaire and contract.  I’m happy to meet in person in Lancaster, or schedule a phone meeting.  Weddings outside the Central Pennsylvania region may have an extra charge to cover travel costs.


What is a Full Film?
A full film is a video of the entire ceremony and main parts of the reception. Watching a full film is like watching a live event video of your wedding. I usually include the full introductions, speeches, important dances, cake cutting, and other important moments from the reception. I can also include first looks and letter/card readings if applicable.
Where can you work?
I can work anywhere in the Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions. Travel outside this area may require an additional charge to cover travel costs.
Why have a wedding videographer?
A wedding video has long been something that is wonderful to look back on and makes it possible to relive the moments and see your friends and family together celebrating. Wedding videos mean so much more in this age of social media and online sharing. You’ll be able to share your story and the best moments from your day. Your guests will enjoy seeing your wedding video online, and anyone that wasn’t able to make it will be able to be a part of your wedding.
What do you need on the wedding day?
As a wedding videographer I am there to capture the day. I can work around whatever your needs are. One critical thing I will need is either the celebrant, bride or groom will have to wear a small microphone during the ceremony, and I will need to record the sound from the speeches. A schedule or itinerary for the wedding day is also very helpful. I send a questionnaire before the wedding to get all the details I’ll need.
How does a letter reading work?
Some couples choose to write each other a letter or card to be read before the ceremony on their wedding day. This can add a special touch to a wedding video by including part of the couple’s story. If you would like to include this in your wedding video please have an extra copy of the letter or card so that I can record it being read in your own voice.