Cody and Adelise

A Bilingual Celebration of Love: Cody and Adelise's Enchanting Wedding at Valley Run Farm Introduction In the picturesque hills above the Susquehanna River in York County, Pennsylvania, Cody and Adelise embarked on a journey of love, unity, and cultural celebration. Their beautiful bilingual Spanish and English wedding at Valley Run Farm, set against the… Continue reading Cody and Adelise

Baily and Kyle

A Rainy Romance: Baily and Kyle's Heartwarming Home Wedding in West Chester, Pennsylvania Introduction Love knows no bounds, and for Baily and Kyle, it flourished despite the rain that graced their special day. Held at Baily's childhood home in the charming town of West Chester, Pennsylvania, this wedding was an intimate affair filled with… Continue reading Baily and Kyle

Molly and Cody

A Rustic Love Affair: Molly and Cody's Charming Countryside Wedding at Rock Creek Farm Introduction: In the heart of the rolling countryside just outside the historic town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, love blossomed amid the scenic beauty of Rock Creek Farm. Molly and Cody, two souls deeply in love, chose this picturesque venue to celebrate… Continue reading Molly and Cody

Erin and Matt Celebrating Eternal Love at the Historic Cornwall Inn: Erin and Matt's Unforgettable Wedding Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Cornwall, the historic Cornwall Inn stood witness to a truly magical event on a beautiful day in late summer. On this day, two souls united in love, as Erin and Matt embarked on a journey… Continue reading Erin and Matt

Adam and Aisling Celebrating Love: The Unforgettable Wedding of Adam and Aisling Love, laughter, and joy filled the air on a beautiful day in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as Adam and Aisling embarked on their journey of eternal togetherness. The couple's wedding, held at the picturesque St. Leo’s Church, followed by a charming reception in a rustic barn in… Continue reading Adam and Aisling

Zoe and Anthony

Zoe and Anthony were Married November 4, 2022 at the incredible Skytop Lodge. Skytop Lodge is a beautiful hotel, lodge, golf club in the Pocono Mountains looking over a lake. The stone building almost looks like a stately castle or palace. Zoe and Anthony had a very classy and beautiful wedding. They lucked out with… Continue reading Zoe and Anthony

Jesse and Heidi

Jesse and Heidi had an incredibly unique wedding held on the banks of the Little Conestoga Creek at The Mill at Manor Falls. The main building is massive old mill that has been completely renovated, with large rooms upstairs for the groomsmen and bridal party to get ready in and relax, and a dining and… Continue reading Jesse and Heidi

Live Music Video

I filmed a couple live sets for a band in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The All Weather Band is an Americana band, playing a wide range of music and genres. They played live at Stoner Grill featuring songs by the Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Wylan Jennings, BB King, Eric Clapton, Elvis, Dave Dudley, The… Continue reading Live Music Video

Mechanicsburg Wedding

Mechanicsburg Wedding Video Amanda and Jake tied the knot on July 30th at the Strock Farm in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. The farm is just south of the town of Mechanicsburg surrounded by fields. It features a special building where the couple and the bridal party got ready in separate spaces. The Ceremony was held in a rustic barn… Continue reading Mechanicsburg Wedding