Barrel House Wedding

Franklin County Wedding

This couples wedding was at the Barrel House in Chambersburg, PA in Franklin County Pennsylvania is a beautiful and unique venue. The Barrel House has an industrial rustic style, and is right in the heart of downtown Chambersburg, PA. The large, brick, industrial building where barrels were once made now has multiple floors of luxurious accommodations and event space perfect for small weddings. The space includes multiple bedrooms and living space in the upper floors where they stayed and prepared for their wedding day. The relaxed and sunny vibe was perfect for this fun loving couple as they got ready and had plenty of time to set up.

Gun Themed Wedding

They added many of the unique firearms themed decor. There were many gun inspired touches and decor, the centerpieces included mixed brass shell casings. For the ceremony they had a custom metal handgun shaped piece that they both placed a lock on together. They also displayed a custom rifle created by the couple featuring their anniversary date. The ceremony was in the small outdoor space adjacent to the building. The weather was perfect, afterwards the couple and family took photos in the alleyway and garden.

Clear Night Reception

The reception was held on the patio area and in the kitchen and event space on the first floor of the Barrel House. They had emotional speeches from the bridal party that clearly showed how close this couple and their family and friends were. They were together for a long time and had an incredible story, this wedding day was a celebration of this relationship. They danced into the night outdoors under the stars.

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