Micro Wedding Video

Shem & Quiana York Wedding

This wonderful couple went through the hardships of planning a wedding in 2020. They had a large wedding planned at a great venue in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This was downsized to a micro wedding in their backyard in the summer of 2020 featuring their family and closest friends. Shem and Quiana were still able to pull off a beautiful and incredible wedding despite the restrictions imposed by the virus. The couple got ready in their own house surrounded by their close-knit families. You could see the joy and love for the couple as the family celebrated their day. The couple held their ceremony in their yard as the sun began setting, followed by a photoshoot including their beautiful blue Corvette. They had a buffet dinner including incredible Trinidadian food to celebrate Shem’s family and heritage. The dinner was followed by speeches and dancing. This wedding shows how despite the difficulties and challenges of planning a wedding in 2020 due to the coronavirus, couples can still have an incredible time. Wearing masks does not hamper the fun or excitement.

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