Mount Joy Wedding Lebanon Country Club Reception

Lancaster Church Wedding

A classic church wedding and a country club reception.  The wedding ceremony was held in the Trinity Lutheran Church in Mount Joy, PA.  The church is a stone building with incredible stained glass windows.  It was built in the 19th century and was a classic venue for a wedding ceremony.  The couple wrote their own vows which gave it a personalized feel to the ceremony.  They had a faux grand exit out of the church with bubbles onto the main street of Mount Joy, PA.  Following the wedding ceremony the couple and wedding party took pictures near their home at the Lebanon-Elizabethtown Rail Trail on an old rail road bridge. 

“I will always Love you.”

“You are everything I could have asked for.”

Lebanon County Reception

The reception started with a cocktail hour at the bar at the Lebanon Country Club.  After guests entered the ball room for dinner there was speeches and dances.  Outside there was a major rainstorm despite the excellent weather earlier in the day so everything timed out perfectly.  The Lebanon Country Club was a great venue for the reception, and they served a buffet dinner.  It was the first time I had seen a cookie table this far east in Pennsylvania! It is usually a tradition only observed in Pittsburgh weddings but Ben and Susan’s family had an impressive spread of cookies for their guests.  Their cake featured a custom cake topper of their pets, a dog and cat. They have a mutual love of animals and each brought a pet into the relationship.  After dinner the party danced for hours. 

“I feel in my heart we will always be strong.”

Fun Wedding Exit

At the end of the reception they had a grand exit with sparklers, by that time the rain had stopped and the sky cleared up.  It was a fun wedding to film, the couple was easy going and great to work with.  They definitely seemed like a great fit for each other.

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